Do you know Golfo Aranci?

Pretty town that extends over a spit of land in the middle of the sea, ideal for diving, in particular for the Mamuthone Rock and for Capo Filasca.

Thanks to its natural heritage, with the presence of mouflons and rare birds, it also lends itself to splendid walks.

During the day you can choose from 5 beautiful beaches, you can visit a special submerged museum called Mu Mart, or you can spot dolphins.

In the evening you can choose between events, music and shopping.

The name Golfo Aranci seems to derive from "Gulfu di li Ranci", "gulf of the crabs", which later became Golfo Aranci for a misinterpretation of cartographers in the mid-twentieth century. Another hypothesis derives instead from the name of one of the coastal "pearls", the sos Aranzos beach

La Smeralda

Via D. Alighieri, 2 - 07020 Golfo Aranci (SS)

La Smeralda was born from the renovation of an ancient local building (thought to be fishermen) that was transformed into a "Boutique rooms and breakfast" accomodation in 2018-2019, trying to maintain and respect, in the colors and in the architecture, the original building. The dominant color of the houses in Golfo Aranci is in fact yellow

La Smeralda can be reached by ship landing directly at the port of Golfo Aranci or at the port of Olbia, which is only 12 km (15 min.) away. The nearby Olbia "Costa Smeralda" airport is 15 Km (17 minutes) away. Availability of the SHUTTLE service for connections with ports and airports

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La Smeralda
Via D. Alighieri, 2
Golfo Aranci (SS)

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